Orthopedic practices, whether independent or part of larger healthcare systems, face unprecedented challenges. Governments and payers are reducing reimbursement, requiring more reporting, assessing physicians with inappropriate and inadequate information and foisting risk onto practices. Practices and physicians rarely have useful clinical intelligence to address these issues, yet they should be the authoritative source of clinical information. Working pro-actively and collectively, providers can define and control outcome measures, change the game and be key players in healthcare.


B·Med Orthopedics is a partnership of BMed Solutions   and practices whose goal is to establish orthopedic providers as the authoritative source of clinical intelligence. B·Med Orthopedics helps practices enhance treatment quality, reduce costs and increase profits.



Orthopedic surgeons are being measured. Hospitals and healthcare systems, web sites like propublica.org and HealthGrades, healthcare insurers and accountable care organizations are assessing physician performance and cost using limited data and sources of unknown reliability.​


They know the number of your surgeries, by type and charge. They know your mortality and readmission rates. But they don’t consider these measures in the context of patient characteristics and they don’t account for patients who do well.​


Why let others define measures by which practice or physician performance is judged?


B.Med Orthopedics gives orthopedic surgeons control of measures used to evaluate clinical performance.​


B.Med Orthopedics helps practices realize the intrinsic and monetary value of their clinical intelligence. ​



Remember, if you can’t measure something, you can’t understand it; if you can’t understand it, you can’t control it; if you can’t control it, you can’t improve it.​


This goes for clinical results, financial performance, all aspects of healthcare.


Higher quality translates into higher value for your customers (patients, payors, hospitals).​


Higher quality increases your revenues. ​
Demonstrating quality and cost attracts more volume at better pricing. You become a preferred provider.​


Higher quality increases your bottom line.​
Delivering high quality means you know the variables that influence your treatment outcomes. Knowing these, you can manage costs and risks —and increase financial performance​



The data of a single practice, regardless of size, are not as valuable as the collective data from many practices. Moreover, a single practice cannot attract, develop and manage business opportunities as can an entity representing a collective of many practices.


With practice partners, BMed Solutions has established an Orthopedic Network to define, collect, analyze and report standardized and benchmarked clinical outcomes and other pertinent data on a private basis to participating surgeons. Each surgeon’s patient outcomes are confidentially benchmarked against aggregate treatment outcomes. Network members can use the data to assess and improve outcomes, negotiate contracts or bundled payment programs with payers and market services based on real value, i.e., cost and quality.


Our B.Med Solutions can be adapted to existing EMR/HER systems and orthopedic-specific treatment data systems, so investment in legacy systems is leveraged, not lost.​



Working together in a network, orthopedic practices can more readily:​


  • Prove and improve patient outcomes;​
  • Enhance practice efficiencies;​
  • Address healthcare regulations and reporting requirements;​
  • Define and refine standards of care using relevant measurement criteria;​
  • Involve patients in reporting and tracking their health;​
  • Create revenue producing and cost reduction programs; ​
  • Promote measures that are balanced and fair; and​
    Have a strong voice in defining “performance” in Pay-for-Performance.​


BMed Solutions is partnering with practices that understand the need for and potential of the Orthopedic Network.  For more information, please contact Chuck Clabots :

Chuck@BMed.co or leave us your contact information on the the “contact us” page