BMed Solutions  is partnering with practices in other medical specialties to deliver and develop game changing solutions,including the following:

Orthopedic practice:

Independent practice has used B·Smarter for many years to build a outcomes database containing over 5,000 total hip replacements that it uses results primarily to improve outcomes.​

Device company A:

Early stage orthopedic implant manufacturer used B·Smarter to demonstrate the equivalence/superiority of its product against established implants.​

Device company B:

Established cardiovascular company using B·Smarter to assess whether its products lower the overall costs of certain procedures.​

Hospital/medical institution:

Using B·Smarter to define and track perioperative variables to improve outcomes and build treatment pathways for certain “at-risk” patients.​

Specialty pharmacy:

Adapting B·Well into its care management process to engage patients better and obtain timely and actionable information​.

Care management:

Multi-hospital collaboration seeks to improve the continuum of care for patients by addressing social determinants of health and strengthening internal medical team communication. B·Smarter is being used to track treatment outcome changes and their effects when health and communication needs are met. ​

Medical Association:

Regional medical association with over 2,000 members used B·Smarter to run a registry of lower back pain measures looking at the benefits of alternative treatment compared to surgical approaches.​