Useful clinical intelligence requires obtaining data from a variety of sources: the practice EMR, the hospital EMR, the patient, financial information systems. We have integrated solutions that make identifying, collecting and analyzing the proper data possible and affordable without disrupting workflow.


Our solutions are used in a highly secure cloud hosting environment and are designed and configured to keep data secure, confidential and segregated.


Our solutions include:


Outcomes Measurement/Analytics


Defines, collects, manages, and reports longitudinal treatment data needed from various constituents and sources (practitioners, patients, EMRs, financial sources, physical therapists). Can be applied to any episode of care or continuum of care within any medical specialty. Analytics can be visualized by any variable and can generate dynamic or static reports and dashboards.​


Physician Engagement


Automates and improves physician/practice workflows while capturing critical data for clinical intelligence. Helps standardize practice and treatment protocols. Integrates with EHR/EMR and practice systems. Improves physician productivity in working with EMR/EHR systems.


Patient Engagement


Secure Smart Phone Mobility Service pulls data from and pushes information to patients. Improves treatment adherence, outcomes, and patient satisfaction.


Practice Integration


Enables the Healthcare Ecosystem: links data, applications and processes of existing practice applications with other applications/data (e.g., inventory systems, financial systems with EMR) including other B·Med Solutions.



Data is:

Owned by the data’s producer

Segregated from other data


Hosting Is:

Highly secure

Data is encrypted


Our technologies are:


  • Integrated and can be integrated with existing EMRs and applications
  • Open source
  • Flexible and adaptable to any medical specialty
  • Applicable to any treatment or care management process
  • Designed to be HIPAA compliant
  • Hosted in a highly secure environment